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TARDEC publishes accelerate Magazine quarterly and GVSET News bimonthly to inform members of the ground vehicle community about relevant technology; research, development and engineering (RD&E); professional development of the workforce; and innovative business processes for managing technology. This information exchange increases opportunities in the RD&E community to generate the best ideas and deliver the most advanced technology to our forces.

TARDEC's publication efforts also comply with the U.S. Army's Regulation 360-1, the Public Affairs Program, which advises its commands that: "Public affairs fulfills the Army’s obligation to keep the American people and the Army informed and helps to establish the conditions that lead to confidence in America’s Army and its readiness to conduct operations in peacetime, conflict, and war."

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accelerate Magazine profiles the people, events, products and services that comprise the ground systems integration hub. TARDEC’s engineers and scientists rapidly develop solutions to ensure that the Ground Vehicle Enterprise remains at the forefront of technology development, engineering and systems integration. Our research and development (R&D) community is dedicated to enhancing the lethality, survivability and sustainability of our Soldiers wherever the battlefield or mission takes them. accelerate Magazine will bring you inside the R&D community to provide insight into these innovative programs, product developments and partnerships.

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TARDEC’s bimonthly online newsletter, GVSET News, informs members of the ground systems enterprise and its partners about TARDEC’s activities, events, awards and technological developments in systems engineering, robotics, survivability, vehicle electronics and architecture, force projection, and power and energy. With a subscriber base of more than 4,000 individuals, GVSET News’ readership includes TACOM Life Cycle Management Command, Program Executive Office (PEO) Combat Support and Combat Service Support, PEO Ground Combat Systems, PEO Integration, members of Congress and their staffs, military and non-military government personnel and other members of industry and academia.

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TARDEC 2011 Annual Report

The 2011 TARDEC Annual Report provides the reader with a unique opportunity to review TARDEC’s successes, capabilities and challenges over the past year. It shows where we are now and where we hope to be in fiscal year 2012 (FY12).

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