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Technology Focus Areas

Force Projection Technology

The Force Projection Technology Area is the Department of Defense's (DOD's) executive agent for ground fuels and Lubricants and is the lead DOD Lab for Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment.

Force Projection is the research, development and engineering support for all ground fuels and lubricants, water purification and handling, military bridging, material handling, mechanical countermine and counter IED equipment. The Force Projection Focus Area introduces and fields new fuel and lubricants technologies, while ensuring products meet performance and environmental requirements.

Force Projection facilities include petroleum, oil and lubricants laboratories, water laboratories and equipment test areas, a fresh water test site and the Dynamic Structural Load Simulation Laboratory at Selfridge Air National Guard Base, and a seawater test site at Port Hueneme, CA. The research conducted at TARDEC's Fuels and Lubricants Research Facility at Southwest Research Institute and the Army Petroleum Laboratory contribute to this Focus Area.