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AUSA ILW Winter Symposium & Exposition

2/20/2013 - 2/22/2013 in Fort Lauderdale, FL

AUSA's ILW Winter Symposium and Exposition welcomes all AUSA members, employees or consultants of AUSA Member companies, military and civilian government personnel, invited guests, and non-members that are interested or have an identifiable relationship with AUSA or the United States Army.
A central focus of this symposium is on preparing the Army for an unpredictable global security environment out to the year 2020 and beyond -- while continuing the transition from combat operations in the US Central Command Area of Responsibility. This progression must enable our Soldiers to immediately succeed across a wide spectrum of land power operations.
The symposium will explore the concept of "strategic land power" and how the Army will contribute its significant capabilities to the Joint Force of 2020 even as the nation's fiscal challenges drive the Army to be smaller, more agile, and indeed, more capable. Special emphasis will be devoted to the indispensable role that our industry partners provide to the United States Army. Guest presentations and panel discussions will provide a myriad of information as it relates to the direction and progress of balancing our resources, equipment, personnel, doctrine and training to provide the essential protective umbrella that our nation deserves. The Army has made a substantial investment of time and resources to focus on how best to do business and accomplish the mission of defending the citizens of the United States and fulfilling our international commitments. The presentations at the 2013 AUSA Winter Symposium will highlight the efforts that TRADOC, AMC and other Army organizations have made towards transforming the Army using an Enterprise Approach to management.

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